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Welcome to The Flow & Ease Healing Center. I’m so glad you found my safe space for clarity & balance on the Internet. If you’re here it probably means you’re ready for some much needed relief. You've tried it all and you still feel stuck in your healing process. I know you're ready to upgrade your healing. I know you're ready to heal your Body, Mind, & Spirit so you can thrive and have a life filled with joy, pleasure, and balance. I know this is a big step for you and I'm ready to support your healing process. I'm ready if you are. Let's do this. - Eliza Boquin, MA, LMFT (Founder & Primary Therapist)

Upgraded Healing Services

Relationship Therapy

Many couples I work with have tried couples therapy in the past but found their therapist lack specialized training to address sexual concerns. If they have a non-traditional lifestyle they may have also felt misunderstood or judged. They often come to see me frustrated, discouraged, and doubtful that their relationship can be saved.  

Many times couples come to see me as their last effort towards repairing their relationship. They have are tired of feeling stuck and are ready for things to change. As they begin to work through therapy and gain the insight on their role in the relationship I see their hope restored. My commitment to you is to provide you with a safe, unbiased, nonjudgmental space to begin working through your challenges.

Women's Therapy

I understand how difficult it can be for women to balance life's demands, to make decisions aligned with our desires, to silence our inner critic. It's easy to lose hope.  

Dreams are on hold until:  

The kids grow up...  

Your spouse is more supportive...  

Your have more time to spend with friends...  

You go back to work...  

You have a baby...  

STOP outsourcing your power. Things can change, but YOU will be the catalyst for that change--not anyone or anything else.  

You don't have to go at it alone though. I will help you.

Sex & Intimacy Therapy

Having a healthy, shame-free, pleasure-filled sex life is key to a balanced and full life. Too often shame, trauma, and misinformation keep us from having a satisfying sex life. You no longer have to suffer in life. Common issues addressed include: 

 You have questions or concerns about your sexuality or gender identity.  

 You struggle to talk to your partner about sex.  

You have pain during sex.  

 You struggle to enjoy sex.  

 You suffered a sexual trauma.  

 You have never reached orgasm.  

You feel guilt/ shame about your sexuality.  


Energy Balancing 

Chakra Healing is a healing modality which goes beyond talk therapy to includes assisting the individual in bringing the chakras into balance when they are blocked, over- or underactive.. 

The energy balancing seeks to repair and balance the energy centers {chakras} of the body. It is a powerful way to address emotional issues

As a graduate of The Institute for Integrated Healing it is my honor & privilege to introduce you to this wonderful alternative healing method from Dr. Brenda Davies, a British psychiatrist and Spiritual Healer who, along with Lisa Powell-Watts, taught this powerful way of helping others to heal.  

Making the decision to invest in your personal growth and healing is a sign that you are ready to take control of your life. Before you begin the process, begin thinking about what you want to get out of your sessions.  

What are your goals for therapy?  

What do you hope to get out of your sessions?  

How will you know that you are getting what you need out of therapy?  

What will be different in your life?  

The greatest investment you will ever make is in yourself.  

Are you ready for change?  

Are you ready to take control of your life?  

Are you ready to begin healing?

Investment Fees:  

55 Minute Session - $150 ; 90 Minute Session - $225 ; 120-Minute Session $300  

Accepted Payment Types:  

Cash, check, and all major credit cards.  

Insurance Options:  

Insurance is not accepted, but if you would like to use your out of network benefits and submit the claim on your own, we will provide you with a receipt of services.  


Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you can’t make your appointment to avoid cancellation fees.  

Committed To Healing Program  

Clients who are highly motivated and committed to healing, yet unable to pay the full session amount may be eligible for the Committed to Healing Program--inquire about eligibility. Availability is limited.  


"I throughly enjoyed the workshop. I gained a lot of great valuable information and a grounding exercise that I will incorporate into my morning routine! I’m so grateful for all that I have learned, and I’m looking forward to more empowering workshops and events! " - Whitney Solete (Workshop Attendee)


I'm Eliza Boquin

Hi There!  

I'm so thankful you're here because that means you're contemplating taking control of your life. You're no longer willing to settle. You're tired of being tired. You're ready to begin experiencing more clarity, balance, and PLEASURE! I applaud you for being proactive about your growth and healing!  

Okay, so who am I and why am I so excited that you're visiting my website.  

My name is Eliza Boquin (pronounced eh-lee-sa bo-keen--I know, it's confusing) and I am a Texas licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Relationship Therapist, Sexuality Expert/Sex Therapist and the Owner/Founder of The Flow & Ease Healing Center.

I specialize in working with relationship coflict, sexuality challenges, and holistic healing.  

I am also a graduate of the Institute for Integrated Healing where I learned how to ethically combine traditional psychotherapy and the ancient art of Chakra Healing.  

OK, so those are my titles and what I do, but here's what I want you to know about ME...the therapist, the person, the HUMAN.  

My view on healing is simple. I believe we all do our best in life with what we know at the time. Then there comes a point in our lives where what we know isn't enough for us to live authentic, satisfying, healthy lives. At that point, life challenges us to grow.  

In a perfect world, we would all thrive and be free of pain, but the reality is the human experience includes the lows, as well as the highs. I believe, wholeheartedly, that it's during painful experiences that we are presented with an opportunity to grow and heal. It's also when we most need support.  

My life philosophy is simple--live life with an open heart. Honestly, I don't know any other way to be. I bring my open heart to everything I do, including my work with clients. This open heart allows me to hold space for the people I work with in the deepest moments of despair--that connection is what facilitates the healing process. What Your Therapist Wants You to Know(2).png  

If you decide to work with me, my commitment to you will be to provide:  

  • compassionate, ethical, and nonjudgmental support;  
  • skills and resources to reach your goals; and  
  • a safe place to model and practice healthy relationship skills.  

I won't give you "advice" or impose my beliefs and values onto you.  

I won't pretend that I have all the answers--that's not what therapy is about. That's not what I'm about. Instead, 

I will provide you with a safe space to process your emotions, learn new skills, and gain insight that you can use to make choices that are aligned with YOU. 

I may be an expert in healing, but YOU are the EXPERT OF YOUR LIFE.  

You set the goals and I provide you with my expertise, knowledge, and perspective on how you may be able to get there.  

I promise to provide compassionate, ethical, and competent support. From day one, we will work together to find solutions and get you closer to the life you desire.  

Together we will formulate a customized plan that will provide you with the support, tools, and resources you need to accomplish your goals.  

We won't be able to resolve everything in one session, but we will begin to map out the path towards healing.  

As a therapist, I believe in a team-based approach--with clients and other professionals. I'm an active member in the psychotherapy and sexual health world, so I have the privilege of knowing and working with some of the country's top medical professionals/experts in the field. I frequently collaborate with these individuals to provide my clients with a holistic approach to their treatment.  

Everyday I get to witness people heal and grow right before my eyes. I'm reminded how resilient the human spirit is on a daily basis. I LOVE THIS WORK! I am HUMBLED by this work. I believe we all have the right to love, joy, and pleasure but first, we have to heal.  

I would be honored to be part of your healing process. Call me today at 281.849.9914 and let's begin this path towards the life you always desired. 

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (Texas) Bachelor of Business Administration - University of Houston-Downtown 
  • Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy - University of Houston Clear Lake 
  • University of Michigan Sexual Health Certification Program Alumni  
  • Insitute of Integrated Healing


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